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will be on a hiatus of some sort. That’s because I, Nell, am moving and I don’t really have time to be on here. I don’t even have internet most of the time. So the times that I will be able to get on will be short and what not cause I’ll be going off a hotspot that I can only get at certain times.

Ill most be on my personal anyways cause its one of those times where the muses are just like "no fuck you I’m not doing this, not doing that either, lol you must have thought I would be cooperate today- but you thought wrooong~" 

I have all replies drafted though and will work on them if I can uvu

Artist - Shingeki no Kyojin / Attack on Titan OST
Track Name - 05. Counter attack
Play Count- 217091


This is one of the best anime soundtracks ever (very movie like music). I love how this song basically has two moods in it, changing around 3:00. Worth of listening - all the way till the very end. 

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"Ah, glad to hear that." he replied in a honest tone, humming in little in thought. “I’ve heard you were working on a new invention as well?"

She gave her own hum in response. “You’ve heard correctly. It’s coming along fine I guess. I wanted to get Gokudera-san’s opinion on it, but he’s been avoiding me.” Nothing new there there. But she’d find him. She always did.

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Familiar voice? Yeah, it was definitely familiar. Who else around this area would bounce around with balloons? It was that weird girl from Enma’s family. He couldn’t exactly remember her name but all he remembered about her was that she tried to feed him what she didn’t like. “’s just you.” He drawled out, rolling his sore shoulder. “I bet you weren’t.”

It’s not that he had a grudge against her or anything so he should probably be nicer to her. May as well try to be anyways. “Uhh..Enma never did tell me your name.” he admitted, scratching his cheek and sort of smiling, attempting to be more friendly towards her.

Yes it is her. ‘That one weird girl,’ is her title. But yes, she could always be seen with her balloon-like equipment. She’s rarely- if ever- seen without it. Outside the house that is.

Shitt P. had half the mind to make a retort but held herself back. “My name is Shitt P, but you shall address me as Shittopi-chan.” She wouldn’t answer to anything else. The most likely thing she’d do is turn around on her she’ll and continue on her way. 


He hadn’t entirely been paying attention so he could be blamed but who the hell speeds along the sidewalk with giant balloons or whatever. All he was aware of is that it sent him flying, landing in an awkward, crumpled pile on the concrete several feet away.

Skull grunted as he untangled his limbs and rolled over to check himself over. He seemed to be all right. Just a bit sore from the awkward fall so he sat up and checked for who ran into him. “You could have watched where you were going!” he snapped, getting back onto his feet and dusting himself off.

She hadn’t been paying much attention either but she’s not going to admit that. She speed down the sidewalk, because usually people are smart enough to get out of the way when they see a big bubble bouncing towards them at high speed.

The girl got up and brushed herself off. She should probably head home; the bump was already forming and she could feel it. Didn’t feel too nice. “I was watching were I was going. The least you could do is what out for yourself,” was snapped back in return.



Lambo blinked and let out a sigh. Of course only few people know him as Older Future Lambo or 20 Year Later Lambo. Damn this headache. With a bow he quickly introduce himself.

"I’m Lambo, Vongola’s Lightning Guardian from the Future. Umm, not to be rude or anything, but do you have a cold bottle of water with you?"

The girl was still doubtful about him. She had heard about being sent into a future. But the one she knows about is for only 10 years in the future, not 20. She gave a quiet sigh. The Vongola sure were troublesome.

"I do not have one with me at the moment." She’s pretty sure that even if she did, the girl wouldn’t have gave it up.

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Wow okay. Sorry for my long absence. Like that’s not even excusable, I didn’t give a warning.

But I’m here now!! I’m working on replies and then maybe tomorrow I’ll get a starter out for all those who followed?? Maybe tho. Shitt P. is a hard muse yo.




Homework? Crap, so that’s what he forgot when he got home. “Um,… good, I guess. There isn’t really anything to complain about. Everything’s been unusually normal… i-if that makes sense…”

Yes, homework. He should probably hop to it when he gets home. If he needs help he could always call her. She’d most likely say yes. “Mm, it makes sense on some sort of level.”

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"You’re still bouncing with that around." He couldn’t still get used to it when Shittopi is around like that. But to his surprise," you talked to me."

She gave him a disappointed look. He had pointed out obvious. Wasn’t there something else he could have said? “Yes, I did. It would be rude to ignore the person that I almost crashed into.”


His smile twitched in a wider one at her suggestion, showing gratitude but not quite an answer. He merely doesn’t want to bother, but he’s as well thankful for Shittopi’s efforts. Even at first glance, he isn’t an oblivious one.

“Everything working well?”

The girl nodded her head. She was a little sadden that she hadn’t gotten an answer. But he didn’t know what she was doing, so that’s okay. Not like she wouldn’t stop any time soon anyways.

"Everything’s fine. I had a check up on my equipment earlier in the week. It’s working perfectly fine." 

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